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At Kolmel Jewelers, every piece of jewellery in our store is created from precious and/or noble metals. Our designs are different, interesting and wearable. We incorporate beautiful gemstones from all around the world. Some pieces are totally unique, custom-built minilithic scultures. Others are imported, already finished to perfection. Whenever possible, we recycle gold and silver and encourage eco-friendly jewelery manufacturing. We enjoy what we do and take great pleasure in sharing our celebration of precious/noble metals meeting precious/noble people.

Christopher Kölmel has been making jewellery since 1981 when he started working in the trade, supported by the British Columbia Apprenticeship Program. For seven years, Chris studied with Alfonso Agarrabeitia, the great Spanish master goldsmith. For another three years, he worked at Grimsons and Sons Jewelers, B.C.'s oldest jewelery manufacturing workshop. In 1991, Chris moved to Nelson from Vancouver, as a journeyman gold and silversmith. Together with his partner, Carolyne Kölmel, they have raised a wonderful jewelery store.

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